Snorting Modafinil

Snorting Modafinil

Why do people snort this drug?

In general, it isn’t a very bad idea. But the question is: Is snorting Modafinil a good way of administration and what are the differences compared with other methods of administering Provigil?

In order to answer these important questions we should remind you what ways of administration exist, what are the differences between them and why can’t you just swallow a pill that should be crushed and snorted.

So, the most common methods are:

  • Oral; most of the drugs are usually taken by mouth. There are some variations of this method of administration — such as sublingual (that’s when you place a pill (or spray) under your tongue then it absorbs and gets to your blood through sublingual tissues) and sublabial (when pills or other forms of drug are placed between the lip and the gum. Such drugs as nitroglycerin are usually taken this way).
  • Direct administration into the stomach (by gastrostomy).
  • Intravenous method. That’s about direct administration of a drug into the blood stream.
  • Nasal administration — that’s how you take all those nasal sprays.
  • Snorting drugs is also a popular way of taking some drugs, but it can damage the nose.
  • Other routes, like intracerebral, rectal, buccal administration etc.

All these methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and all of them have their own purposes. Thus, people often snort medications because that’s the fastest way for some medications to start working. And Modafinil isn’t an exception.

What are the differences? Is snorting Provigil better than just taking it orally?

Well, snorting Modafinil (or Provigil, it’s a brand name of Modafinil) is popular because it takes about an hour or two for this drug to start working if you take it orally, but if you snort it, the effects appear in a few minutes (please, don’t forget that no clinical trials on Modafinil snorting were done, so this text is based on chemistry,  feedbacks and opinions of the users).

Snorting Provigil differs from taking this medication by mouth. The first thing is the period between taking a drug and feeling the first effects, of course — that works because drugs that you snort usually act faster and more intense (that’s important, too). The other important thing you should know is that, unless the effects of the drug can be more intense, it will not last for a long time.

So finally, can you snort Provigil or not?

And the answer is “yes, you can… if you want to”. Moreover, you don’t need to crush a new pill — you’ve probably noticed that when you divide a pill (for example, to take 100 mg instead of 200), there is always that white dust — of course you don’t need to eat it (because it tastes awful), but you can try to snort it. The effects will be fast, brighter and short-termed.

But there are some problems that can appear when you snort Modafinil. The first problem is known for all people who snort drugs — this “magic dust” helps you, but it can (and probably will!) damage your nose. If you snort medications and feel problems with your nose, you should stop it immediately and tell your doctor about it. Pill of Modafinil doesn’t contain Modafinil only — there are also materials that hold the pill together and bind it. All these materials were not designed to be snorted, so you may have an infection in the sinus or nose area. Is it worth it?

Are there any other problems?

Yes. As for Provigil snorting, effects will be more intense, as we’ve already said. But here is a problem that needs to be analyzed, because it’s quite common.

So you snort that Modafinil dust, feel better and get an energy boost. But what is the reason for you to do it? If it’s just like an experiment and you will not continue doing this, it’s OK, but if you feel that taking Modafinil orally just doesn’t work as it should work — you have a problem.

Addiction problem, that’s how it’s called. Modafinil works well, it’s almost an ideal nootropic (at least much better than the competitors of it) — it’s an undeniable fact. Modafinil can make your memory better, make your focus increased, can improve your cognitive functions. This medication helps you to think better and faster, it improves your mood, it lets you sleep enough even if you sleep less. Moreover, it can even work as a weight loss pill! With this drug you truly become better. And here is a problem we are talking about.

When you take Modafinil for a long time, you just don’t want to stop, because it makes you (and the world around you) better. After that, you start feeling that Modafinil doesn’t work as it should work — it means that the tolerance has been developed in your system, and now the active mechanism of this medication is a part of your system. You don’t get the desired effects and after that you start to look for other ways of taking this drug. Maybe snorting it will make you feel better? And it definitely will, because the effects will be brighter and stronger.

But it’s most likely an addiction. Those who want to snort Modafinil once or twice, because they are interested, have nothing to worry about. Those who want to snort Modafinil because taking it orally doesn’t bring the desired effects should worry about it. Moreover, if the last sentence is about you, you should call to your doctor immediately. If it’s an addiction — you will be treated and everything will be OK, but please, don’t try to stop taking Modafinil without any help and constancy. Withdrawal effects of Modafinil are not usually a serious problem, but if your body has developed tolerance, it will be more difficult for you to stop. Modafinil addiction can lead to serious problems, so if you feel something is wrong — call your doctor as soon as possible.

However, if you have nothing in common with addiction to Modafinil, here’s another information for you: Modafinil bioavailability is more than 80%, so snorting it seems pointless. What does it mean?

Well, as we’ve said at the beginning, there are different methods of administration a drug. Thus, if your doctor makes you an intravenous injection of some medication, you can be sure that 100% of the medication will reach your systemic circulation of blood. This is what we call “bioavailability” — if 100% of the medication taken gets to blood, the bioavailability is 100%. But such numbers can be reached only for intravenously administered drugs. For other medications, 80% is a great result which means that 80% of the pill reaches your blood circulation in a few minutes.

That’s why it’s pointless to snort Modafinil. 80% (orally) is a great result and despite you will get more than 80% of the drug to your blood by snorting it, don’t forget about that holding and binding materials that are in the pill. Runny nose and various infections can be a trouble.

And the last problem of snorting Provigil is that… Tell the truth, have you ever smelled a pill of Modafinil? If you have, you wouldn’t even think about snorting it again. It doesn’t matter how these pills smell if you swallow them, but if you’ve decided to snort them, we’ll tell you the truth. Despite it’s a great medication, the absolute majority of Modafinil pills (and other pills with Modafinil as an active substance) smell terrible. The sulphur smells awful, and we highly recommend you to take a smell before you snort Modafinil. We are sure this will dissuade you from snorting it much better than thousands of articles. Good luck!

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