Modafinil and weight loss

Modafinil and weight loss

Can it really help in weight loss?

It’s known as a study drug. Does Modafinil cause weight loss?

Modafinil is a nootropic, a smart drug, a wakefulness-promoting agent and simply a good medication both for those who want to perform better and for those who want to get rid of their sleeping problems. Modafinil (also Provigil, it’s the brand name) increases the level of dopamine, which is a brain chemical that is responsible for motivation, focus and memory — that’s why this medication is a real catch for everyone who wants to improve both motivation, focus and memory. Of course, as it’s a medication that influences complex chemicals in the brain, one should be careful with it. There are some (negative) interactions (like alcohol) and possible side effects (like headache and dizziness) of Modafinil, but in general, it’s a very safe medication, especially compared to other nootropics, such as Adderall, Vyvanse, etc. The possibility of addiction is rather low, too — although this drug works similar to cocaine and methamphetamine, very small amount of people become addict to it. If you won’t exceed your dose (usual dose is 200mg per day), it’s very likely that you’ll have no problems with Modafinil.

As we’ve already said, it’s a very popular study or smart drug. Millions of people all over the world improve their cognitive functions and abilities to learn new things, millions of people improve their mood, become more motivated and focused every day thanks to Modafinil. But this medication can also be used for a different purpose, and many people use Provigil for weight loss. How is it possible?

To make it clear: Firstly, Modafinil is a relatively new medicaton. Secondly, Modafinil weight loss effects have never been the subject of any clinical trials (except one, we’ll tell you about it a little bit later), because that’s what is usually called “off-label use”. This is just to say that the following text is based on experience, feedbacks and results of other people — don’t take it as a medical advice. Your doctor will tell you more. This text was written to help you to understand whether you need Provigil for weight loss or not and to give you all the information about such usage of Modafinil. We hope it will help you, but again — don’t think that it’s a medical advice. Let’s go.

The first thing, which needs to be said, is the answer to a very popular question. Lots of people are interested in does Provigil cause weight loss or not — and the answer is “yes”. It’s not approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be used as a weight loss pill, but it still works. The mechanism of it is quite unclear, because, well, we still don’t know how does Modafinil work at all, and the body’s systems are very complex. Sleep cycle is a very complex thing, too, but it’s a little bit clearer how Modafinil influences your sleep than how it makes people lose weight.

How should I use Modafinil for weight loss? How it works?

Let’s remind ourselves how weight loss pills work and compare them with Modafinil. Weight loss pills usually do a few things that let you cut weight:

  • They burn fat. They speed up your metabolism and give you energy boost. It helps your body to burn fat and these pills also prevent you from dropping with fatigue.
  • They don’t let the signals from your stomach reach your brain. That’s how appetite suppressers work — with these pills you just don’t feel hungry even if you had your last meal yesterday.
  • Together with energy boost (you can also get it from Provigil) weight loss pills sometimes give you motivation. That’s the thing you need when you are not just trying “not to eat”, but training and going to a gym. By the way, all those weight loss pills and fat burning pills do their best and show the best results if they are combined with fitness, sport and diets. And that’s why you need motivation — there aren`t any problems in taking a pill, but sometimes you are too lazy to go to a gym. Motivation boost can make you more focused on things so you’ll enjoy a workout without laziness.
  • The last important thing some weight loss pills do is improving your cognitive functions. It may seem strange, but the possibility to make better and faster decisions can help you in finding better solutions for your trainings and food.

And here we see a little bit strange thing — Provigil and weight loss go hand in hand! You may judge if we are right or not. Let’s compare all functions of that ideal weight loss pill and Modafinil functions.

  • Burning fat. Modafinil doesn’t make your body burn calories directly, it works differently. Modafinil increases your capability to think. It makes your brain work quicker, and with this medication, you begin to think faster and clearer. And here comes a surprise, because that’s how Modafinil helps you to burn calories. Have you ever wondered what organ consumes the most energy produced by your body? Yes, it’s brain. The amount of calories that are burned while you are thinking hard is similar to that you can burn while running on a track. So we figured it out with burning calories — Modafinil helps you to burn them. A perfect match.
  • Feeling hungry. Another match here — Modafinil doesn’t let you feel hungry. The mechanism of action differs a little, but the result is the same — when some of the weight loss pills block the signals your stomach sends to your brain, Modafinil works another way. As we’ve said earlier, this medication influences the level of dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is a brain chemical that is responsible for such emotions and conditions as motivation, focus, memory and… Reward. Yes, dopamine pathways are the part of a human’s reward system, but we won’t go into details. In simple words, Modafinil makes you feel content and satisfied — with it, you don’t eat because you just don’t want to, and it doesn’t matter when was your previous meal. We’ll talk about the possible dangers of it later, but now we should conclude that Modafinil suppresses your appetite just like specialized appetite suppressers do. A perfect match again!
  • Energy boost and motivation. You’ve probably already understood what are we getting at — it’s really strange, but Modafinil works better as a weight loss pill than some of the weight loss pills, like it was designed not to treat narcolepsy but to be a diet pill! But let’s continue. Modafinil is very good at energy boosts, as well as at giving motivation. As it was said, this medication influences the dopamine level, and that’s, in simple words, how you get energy and motivation boosts from Modafinil. With more energy, you can fit more. With increased motivation, you can focus on what are you doing and do more. Great thing for those who does fitness, isn’t it? And again — Modafinil works like an ideal weight loss pill.
  • Cognitive functions! That’s an undeniable fact that Modafinil is very good at improving cognitive functions. That’s why it’s popular and that’s why people around the world love it — in this area Modafinil has no equals.

So, let’s make a little conclusion. Not to mention its main functions, Modafinil also gives you energy, makes you more motivated, focused and helps you to burn calories. Moreover, it’s also a perfect appetite suppresser, so we can safely say that Modafinil could be a great weight loss pill. But it can’t be that perfect, yes? Let’s talk about the possible problems of those who take Modafinil as a weight loss pill.

Possible dangers of Modafinil. Side effects of weight loss pills and Modafinil side effects.

There are not too many drugs which off-label use is much more popular than the official one. Viagra was created to treat high blood pressure, and now it’s the best sexual dysfunction medication in the world. Modafinil was created to treat narcolepsy and excessive sleepiness, but will it ever become the most popular weight loss pill? It can, but we don’t know. But we have facts, and you can read these facts and decide for yourself.

And to begin with, let’s talk about Provigil side effects. Weight loss pills usually have various side effects such as problems with blood pressure, arrhythmia, tolerance and dependence, nausea, vomiting, headache, etc. Provigil wins here, too — its side effects are extremely rare, and they are not usually serious. Headache, dizziness, back pain or chest pain — it makes no sense to list them because they are very rare. Here is another interesting fact. Lots of patients who lost weight successfully with weight loss pills gained it after these pills, and some of them gained weight while they were taking diet pills even! The very popular question is: “Does Provigil cause weight gain?” and the answer is no. With Modafinil, you will surely not gain the pounds you’ve lost (unless you will want to).

The other possible problem is addiction and tolerance. We know that it’s easy to become an addict to nootropics, because methamphetamine-based Adderall is a great example. But here comes another surprise — Modafinil is a medication you will most likely not become addicted to. Yes, nootropics are addictive, but Modafinil is not (and honestly, we still don’t know why). On the other hand, diet pills are sometimes very addictive because they consist of a large number of addictive active substances. Caffeine, ephedine, etc. — that’s what weight loss pills contain. These substances are the reason why so many people suffer from addiction and have to go through rehabs after diet pills, while Modafinil is definitely not the thing that will bring you to rehab.

So it’s up to you to decide whether you will use Modafinil to lose weight or not. We recommend you to try, because it will not just burn calories, but will also improve your mood, memory, motivation and will do other useful things. But be careful and don’t overdose — one 200mg pill in the morning would be enough for you to feel good and energized during the day.

Can it really help in weight loss? It's known as a study drug. Does Modafinil cause weight loss? Modafinil is a nootropic, a smart drug, a wakefulness-promoting agent and simply a good medication both for those who want to perform better and for those who want to get rid of their sleeping problems. Modafinil (also Provigil, it's the brand name) increases the level of dopamine, which is a brain chemical that is responsible for motivation, focus and memory — that's why this medication is a real catch for everyone who wants to improve both motivation, focus and memory. Of course,…
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