General Questions

And what about the shipping charges?

There are not any. The shipping is free of charge.

Any questions that you require an answer?

Our English-speaking specialists are there for you (web-site) 24/7 ready to resolve any problem that can rise up and answer any question that you have. Please check your mail and keep us from the Spam Folder, as we are always eager to keep the communication with our clients.

Are the products that you offer officially approved and certified by the FDA?

Yes, both modafinil and armodafinil are legal and certified. You can buy these medications all over the world in local pharmacies in case you provide an official prescription.

Can modafinil be consumed in case of lactose-or gluten-related allergies?

It depends on how severely allergic you are. You should check the severity of the allergies as our products may contain extracts of lactose and gluten.

Can someone else sign the delivery for me?

Upon home delivery it is possible. Nevertheless if your package is held at the post office, only you can take it since you will be asked to show your ID and put down the signature.

Does your company use DHL,Fedex,UPS, etc services?

Only an authorized public post is used by our company since, it has been learnt, that other post services do not coordinate well with the pharmaceutical shippers located in India. By our proven methods better delivery can be ensured.

How and when the tracking details of the shipment are provided?

After the purchase is validated you immediately get your tracking details.

How modafinil and armodafinil are different from each other?

The main difference lies in two enantiomers which modafinil medication contains. These two are actually the mirror image of the same molecule, which provide different effects. One of it called the r-enantoimer stimulates the cognitive process in human brain, while the other one is considered useless. Since in Armodafinili only the r-enantoimer is contained, it may be referred to as a more concentrated form of modafinil. At the same time the affect may vary from individual to individual and sometimes armodafinil is more preferred.

How the tracking of the shipment is done?

Just check the tracking on the web-site.

I am returning customer, how to use my 10% discount?

Type in the identification code that you got from the last order you made as a coupon code before you checkout. If you have any questions please do no hesitate to contact us, our specialists are always ready to provide you with any needed information.

In what kind of packaging do you sent the items?

The packaging that we sent the items in are nice and clean. To ensure the protection of the purchased item we cover it with the bubble wrap and put it into the pure white envelopes. The high quality cardboard packaging does not contain any mention of the purchased product on it. We keep it confidential.

Is it necessary to put down signature to receive delivery or can they be waived?

All packages are required to be signed when getting delivered. If  were somewhere out when the package arrived, you can manage to get the package at the post office.

Is it possible to send the package directly to my post office box?

Yes it is! Nevertheless remember about the signing of the package (Refer to question 10).

Is modafinil safe for use with other medications?

This is questions that requires a qualified answer of a professional. Refer to your doctor or ask for a helpful advice on https://www.reddit.com/r/afinil where you can find other users of modafinil products.

Is modafinil the only product that you serve?

Yes, we serve strictly Modafinil of the highest quality. When you need us, we are always ready to keep you up and do our best. There is no other pharmacy the authenticity of which we can certify. It is as simple as that; just call us when you feel that your brain is over-charged.

Is your company safe? How can you secure the data?

All the data concerning your personal information and the details on payment are kept on secured encrypted servers that are securely managed and provide the best protection. Nowadays the information security has become the number one priority and our company has constructed the website with the focus on the security system against both internal and external attacks. We NEVER share the personal data with any of the third party agents therefore the information that you provide is secured with us and will not leak to any other database. The payment processors of our company are protected by the most advanced security systems and each payment page is SSL approved and encrypted. Again- safety of the client is our number one priority.

Please list the main effects of modafinil medication?

Amongst the benefits of modafinil can be listed such:

  • Attentiveness and increased focus.
  • Boost in productivity and mental acuity.
  • Cognitive enhancement.
  • Positive changes in mood.
  • Vivid increase of creativity.
  • Increased stamina
  • Resistance to drowsiness
What are the requirements to get a reshipment or a refund?

You should apply for a reshipment in the following cases:

  • If the received product is not the one you have purchased.
  • If the received product was damaged.
  • If you have not received the package.

Nevertheless, in case the receiver of the product is not available and after a number of failed attempts the package was considered to be undeliverable, our company cannot refund the purchase.

What can our company offer you?

Modafinil and armodafinil are the main group of medications on which our company operates. The brand-name of the modafinil product that we offer is, Modalert® 200, which is produced by the world-wide respected Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in India. Amongst our best-selling offers of the armodafinil products are Wakalert 150, by Sun Pharmaceuticals and Artvigil 150, produced by prestigious HAB Pharmaceuticals Ltd., also located in India. All brands that we offer are certified and approved by FDA. We do not provide cheap generics to our customers.

What country are the packages sent from?

As soon as the payment is validated your package is immediately sent from India.

What cycles for consumption of modafinil and armodafinil would you recomend?

Since Modafinil cannot substitute sleep it is recommended to consume it cyclically with equal periods of use followed by the period of avoidance (usually 1 week / 1 week). We do not recommend prolonging the periods of intake, so your body would not develop the tolerance.

What is the difference between the manufacturer companies Sun and HAN Pharma ?

Sun Pharma is world-wide famous giant with a billion dollar revenue, while HAB is a smaller but yet not less promising company.  Even though both companies are very productive and keep the high quiality, the modafinil consumers are staying loyal to the preferred brand. You can chose for yourself as we offer free trails of both companies` products.

What is the main difference between Modalert, Prodigal, Waklert, and Nuvigil?

Since all of them have similar chemical construction and effect, the only difference may be the prices that vary from brand to brand. The product that we offer, modalert by Sun Pharama is one of the top best products of modafinil medications that are available around the world.

What is the uniqueness of our company?

Great focus on details. . . Our modafinil products come directly from the genuine manufacturer. At our company, the client is the boss. Our main goal is to make the purchase of the product easy for the customer and to stay always friendly. The payments can be done via VISA or MasterCard and at the same time we offer full refunds, free shipping to various countries, and easy and quick tracking for all your purchases. With our packaging you can be sure that the items that you purchased will arrive to you safe and secured.

What to do if the payment done with a credit card is constantly rejected by the bank?

In such rare cases when the bank filters the purchases based on the location, the payment made to our company may be declined. When such situation occurs we advise you to use different credit card or just save your time and effort by paying with Bitcoins. Bitcoins not only can provide you with confidentiality and security, they are often rightfully referred to as a future of online payment.

What to do in case my package is lost or stolen during the shipping?

Since each order is personally tracked by the dispatch manager team, we immediately inform our clients in case your package is lost or stolen. Even though this is a very rare case you can always count on us. We provide either full refunds or free reshipment in such situations.

What types of payment is required to make the purchase?

You can make a purchase using a credit card (VISA, MasterCard) or Bitcoins.

What types of shipment does your company use?

In case you need to receive your order quickly we use Express mail. Registered Mail can also be used according to your location.

Where can I find additional information on side-effects of your products?

Please refer to our web-site. We provide the detailed information on side-effects.

Why Modafinil is needed?

Modafinil is the best solution in case you suffer from insomnia. It is used as a treatment of such disorders as wakefulness which is the result of shift work disorder, daytime sleepiness and cognitive enhancement. Do you have to work late up during nighttime to get your work done? Modafinil can provide you with the assistance, of staying awake and focused, which you were seeking for. In case you have an abnormal working shift, it can assist you in staying awake during night shift hours, whether you do not get enough sleep at home. Modafinil cannot substitute sleep but it is able to make you focused and awake if you need to. Such result of the medication is achieved by its alerting the natural chemicals in the human brain.

Among the most common users of Modafinil are:

  • Students who want to improve their university test results.
  • The white-collar office employees who need to submit their work by the due time
  • Individuals suffering from sleep disorders.
  • Individuals with abnormal working shifts-(working at nighttime)
  • And many others. . .
Will the details of the purchase made on your website be vivid on the bank statement?

No. The information indicated on the bank statement we be discreet. We carry about your confidentiality.

Will the purchase information be mentioned on the bank card statement?

The purchase made from our company will be mentioned on the credit card statement as a notice of a payment in China. Complete confidence and security of the purchase information is ensured by our highly professional partners that deal with the payment procession. The data that you provide will not be stored and viewed by any third party agents. We fully secure the personal information of our customers.