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This is the production of the American pharmaceutical company called Cephalon. Its headquarters are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It has gained a world recognition due to the production of preparations that cure problems associated with mental diseases and disorders, and those that treat different forms of cancer. One of the best projects of this company is Modafinil. Consequently, there are many questions about how to buy Modafinil in the U.S.

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A Bit More about Provigil

Now, that you know how to get Provigil in the U.S.A., you should learn the main capabilities of this product.

It is able to improve your cognitive functions for 44% and its effects will last for record 12-15 hours. In comparison to other similar preparations, this is an outstanding result. Commonly, other similar drugs work for 7-8 hours or less. Such effects improve thinking, concentration, memory, speech and so on. This positively reflects in the everyday activity and of course, higher productivity and performance at work or while studying. The decisions will come quicker and easier even under the most extreme conditions.

Though it has powerful effects, it has a very mild affection on the system. The possibility of the occurrence of side effects is very low. Even if they do happen, their severity will not be serious and their duration will be brief. This is one of the safest psychostimulants in the world.

It also treats a wide range of various mental disorders. It is appointed to overcome attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, various forms of depression, anxiety and shift work disorders, sleep disturbance of various types, abnormal loss in muscles, and chronic fatigue.

All these properties are true and make this drug so popular.