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Modvigil is a very resourceful and reliable remedy against various mental disorders and proven booster of cognitive functions. It may be more recognized due to its major active substance, which is called Modafinil. Thus, Modvigil is its generic.

The very first thing we wish to pay your attention to is the reliability of this generic. The price of any generic is much lower than the price of its original. Nonetheless, you will be wrong to think that its quality and safety is lower as well. As it contains the same main ingredients as the original, it fully copies all the properties. Consequently, the final results of the treatment with this generic will be the same. You may also look for Modvigil review to be sure that it successfully worked for other customers.

Modafinil is a powerful analeptic drug, which has a strong affection on the cerebrum and special nerve centers. It regulates the amounts of different neurotransmitters, which are also called natural chemicals. The action of this drug is not fully understood. The scholars claim that its work is similar to the action of amphetamines or cocaine. Nonetheless, it does not cause such damage to the human health as those substances do. Its effects are soft and there is a very low possibility that any health troubles would ever take place. In addition, it is non-addictive and can be used even by those patients who are predisposed for any sort of addiction.

This drug sufficiently increases the work of cognitive functions and the indicator reaches the point of 44%. This positively reflects in productivity and efficacy of those who use it. The thinking becomes clearer, it is easier to concentrate on the tasks, memory capacity and energy support increase as well.  Thus, the decisions and novel ideas will come faster and easier. The effects last for about 12-15 hours. Any Modvigil review will prove these properties.

Finally, it cures many mental complications such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, shift work disorder, different forms of depression, sudden loss of muscle mass caused by mental deviations and disturbance of sleep. Additionally, it is successfully used to treat multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer’s disease and other serious illnesses.

This is highly-reputed preparation, which will help to remove all of your complications.


You have to take Modvigil in a strict accordance with the prescriptions of your physician. Though it is very safe, inappropriate dosing may lead to the development of serious adverse effects.

The period of treatment is 12 weeks or less. The initial recommended dosage for all illnesses regardless of their severity is 200 mg. It can be enhanced if you slightly tolerate its action and do not feel the desired results. If there are some allergies due to the affection of the drug, the dosage should be lowered. You have to discuss any dosage alterations with your physician. Never alter your prescribed doses on your own. This may lead to overdosing.

Drink the tablets with enough amounts of liquid. You can take them with or without food. Fatty foods do not affect the start of action of the drug. Take them early in the morning about 1 hour before your working day starts. These tablets increase the activity of your brain and you won`t be able to fall asleep in your common time if taking them too late.

Important Information

Under definite conditions, the administration of Modvigil may lead to harmful consequences. You should consult a specialist to define all possible contraindications.

The main contraries on the administrations are overly high sensitiveness to the composition of the cure (manifested by various allergic reactions of different origin), simultaneous administration of similar drugs and those that treat irregular blood pressure levels. It should not be used if you suffer from enhanced blood pressure, definite mental diseases, heart problems (including a stroke in history), different liver and kidney disorders. The individuals who are under the age of 17 years cannot take the drug as well. However, there were cases when such treatment was permitted. This can be made by your physician who has to monitor your health conditions.

This drug should not be mixed with any amounts of alcohol. You should also ask your physician about the safe combination with some other medications.

There is a special warning for women who are in the periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding. There is a possibility that this drug will harm the unborn or nursing children. In order to secure your child, you should consult a specialist in this field.

Adverse Effects

There are almost no chances that Modvigil side effects will take place. There may happen brief complications of mild severity. They take place as a response of your system to the novel substances inside. Quite soon, all of them will withdraw. Acute forms may happen only if taking the drug inappropriately.

There may happen such adverse effects:

  • Headaches;
  • Various digestive complications;
  • Troubled thinking;
  • Anxiety disorder;
  • Violated sleep regimen;
  • An increased aggressiveness and nervousness;
  • Different forms of allergies;
  • Various kinds of depression;
  • Swelling of some parts of the face;
  • An increased body temperature;
  • Pain in chest;
  • Uncontrolled heartbeat.

Under the condition, there take place too lasting and serious adverse effects, immediately seek emergency assistance. Do not linger, as each minute is very important and may rescue your health.

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